GM Diet – Interval Training

As you sit down wondering how to loose weight, be sure to keep in mind that just like any project you attempt, you need a plan of action in the original GM Diet plan, we listed out the details of the food items that are required to be consumed on each day of the gm 7 day diet plan for weight loss. We also mentioned that in order to maintain the results from this diet, you must commit to a healthier lifestyle by staying active by working out. You can start by looking into the Interval Training.

Interval training is a kind of approach to working out where activities like running/jogging/speed walking on the treadmill are combined with the high intensity and low intensity phases. This boosts the bodies metabolism dramatically and not only that, it also leads to accelerated fat burning for a few hours after the workout is complete. This approach can be very taxing so it is recommended that either you should start this routine well before the week when you plan to attempt the GM diet. The below detailed planned can be referred in case you are starting off with the workout along with the diet plan.

  1. GM Diet day 1 – Since it is the first day, it is recommended to start slow. The workout session will be 45 mins long.
    1. Start of with 15 mins of speed walking
    2. For next 20 mins, repeat the pattern; walk at normal pace for 1 and half minute and speed walk for 30 seconds; for the duration of 20 mins.
    3. Cool down for the last 10 mins
  2. GM Diet day 2 – Rest Day.
  3. GM Diet day 3 – Ensure that approximately, half an hour or 45 mins before the workout you eat half a mashed potato with a with half a teaspoon of butter. On this day we are going to alternate the same pattern as the first day but with walking and jogging. This would create a greater difference in the alternating efforts through the workouts. The difference being that the length of the workout would be 30 mins.
    1. Start with speed walking for 10 mins to warm up.
    2. Alternate between jogging for 30 secs and walking for 1 min and 30 secs. Repeat this process for 10 mins.
    3. Cooldown by walking for 10 mins.
  4. GM Diet day 4 – Rest Day
  5. GM Diet day 5 – Repeat the process as per the 3rd day workout plan.
  6. GM Diet day 6 – Rest Day
  7. GM Diet day 7 – Repeat the process as per the 3rd day workout plan.

This can be a very potent combination to lose weight very quickly.  If you start your month with the GM diet for a week and keep up this workout routine (even on alternate days as listed above) you can easily lose up to 8 kg or 12 pounds easily. Again, stressing on the fact that this routine should be maintained so that you can maintain the healthy lifestyle are now heading towards.


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